Auto Accidents

Patients who have suffered injuries related to a motor vehicle collisions are some of the most common and complicated patients we treat at Pathway Wellness. Proper evaluation and treatment after an auto accident is vital to prevent life long problems. Everyone knows an uncle, cousin, mom, or friend who suffered injuries related to an auto accident and were never the same or are still dealing with lingering pain and suffering.

At Pathway Wellness, we can help by:

– Performing a thorough examination to properly assess and document all of your injuries.

– Establishing a treatment plan for your injuries, including chiropractic care, massage and manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, soft tissue modalities, ect to get you back on your feet, feeling 100% as fast as possible.

– Referring you for the proper imaging, whether X-ray, MRI, ect, for your condition, if it is necessary.

– Referring you to the correct specialist, if your injuries are serioius enough to warrant a referral.

– Properly billing your auto insurance company. You will NEVER be billed directly by Pathway Wellness for your injuries suffered in an automobile accident.

– If you have an attorney, working with them to insure they can do their job to the best of their abilities.